Highview Power has Solution to Long Duration Energy Storage

Highview Power has been making headlines recently for the hiring of top executive Javier Cavada as their new CEO.

Cavada thinks he has the solution to long duration energy storage. Due to his extensive experience, it would be safe to believe in what he says. Besides, there’s no doubt he will do everything in his power to back up what he says. Since he has a high position in a big company, you can bet he has the resources to do so. A lot of startup companies thought they had the solution to the problem. Unfortunately, they ultimately failed as they didn’t have the perseverance to go through it all. It’s hard for companies who are just starting out to focus on one goal alone.


He knew long-term energy storage is something that hardly gets noticed. Hence, it should be something that shouldn’t be ignored. Even though there are many projects that can deliver additional capacity, none of them were even started. Of course, this is due to a number of reasons so finger pointing shouldn’t be blamed on one person. Even the local district thought it would be best to cancel the project they’ve been planning for a long time. They thought it was too big of a risk financially. Unfortunately, most of their Mature Discount analysts thought the same way. If the city officials thought it would be best to not push through then that must be the best thing to do, right? Not exactly. Cavada thought now is his time to do something about this travesty.

Highview Power is very confident it can succeed where others have failed because they use large industrial compressors.

It’s definitely an example of using the latest in technology today. A large number of investors have invested in their capabilities so they can use expensive equipment. They’re not shy about using those things too. If it means making a name for themselves and solutions to long-term problems then there’s no reason not to. They don’t just gather local suppliers. Yes, they gather suppliers from all over the world that want to help them achieve a common goal. If it’s for the good of the environment, they don’t have any reason not to.

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After all, it would feel great if different companies contribute greatly to the common good. The technology they’ve developed is definitely on a class of its own. There’s no doubt it is head and shoulders over anything that’s similar. Highview compares the technology to the deployment of hydrogen as a storage medium but ends up shooting down the notion. He adds hydrogen is very different from what they’re doing. In addition, he wants everything to be taken seriously as this site technology can change a lot of things.

The cost of flow batteries and lithium ion are often compared to the projects of Highview. Only time will tell if this is indeed the solution everyone is hoping for. Until then, we can only hope everyone does their job well for the best possible outcome.